Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Start/Sit Week 11

Start/Sit Week 11


  • Nick Foles- This week Foles gets the Washington defense that is ranked 27th against QBs. Foles is clicking on all cylinders and has all the weapons to succeed in this offense. Look for wan other big game from him.
  • Case Keenum- Keenum has been nothing less of amazing since taking over for Matt Schaub. This week he gets an Oakland defense that while they have played a little better lately, are still ranked 26th against QBs. Feel free to roll with Keenum.
  • Russell Wilson- Wilson has been back and forth this season and finally seems to be consistently putting up good fantasy points. This week he gets the Minnesota Vikings, who are 31st in the league against QBs! Minnesota can't seem to stop any QB, which makes Wilson a very good play this week. You remember last year when Russell Wilson finished the second half of the season as a top 5 QB? We may very well be seeing it again.
  • Matt Ryan- Not only has Ryan been playing terrible lately, this week he gets a Tampa Bay defense that seems to be coming into their own lately. Darrell Revis is playing more man coverage lately, which spells bad news for Roddy White owners. I'm still a believer in Matt Ryan, but not this week. 
  • Colin Kaepernick- How disappointing was Kaep last week?! Most of us thought he would have at least been able to run more against Carolina. This week he plays against a New Orleans defense that did a very good job of shutting down Tony Romo last week. Make no mistake about it, this years Saints defense is good, thanks in part to what Rob Ryan brings to the table. I'm staying away from Kaeptain America this week.
  • Danny Woodhead- Woodhead has played very well this year! Not many saw this type of production preseason. This week he gets Miami, who was just carved up by Mike James, Bernard Leonard, and Bobby Rainey! Throw in the fact that Woodhead has been getting redzone touches and it spells great things for this game. Did I mention Miami is 31st in the league against RBs?
  • Andre Ellington- Ellington had a rough week last week against a good Houston defense. This week he gets a Jacksonville defense that has been killed by opposing RBs. They rank 28th against RBs. It's a fantastic matchup and I love the fact that he is averaging over 7.0 yards per carry!
  • Stevan Ridley- I know this one will be difficult and you might have to start Ridley, but the matchup is one of the worst. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Carolina defense is for real. With the return of Shane Vereen and Carolina being 5th in the league against RBs, it might be a good week to sit Ridley on the bench.
  • Fred Jackson/CJ Spiller- The Jets can be thrown on. When it comes to RBs, they hold up very well. I hate the fact that Jackson and Spiller split carries and throw in the fact that the Jets are pretty good against the run, it spells bad things for both players this week. I'd find someone else.
  • Any Carolina RB- New England isn't anything scary when it comes to RBs but I just hate the fact that there are 3 options in the running system. We have Stewart, Williams, and Tolbert. It's hard to rely on any of these. Throw in the fact that Cam Newton runs on the goal-line sometimes and that Carolina will probably have to pass to keep up with the high-scoring New England offense and it equals a rough day for all 3 RBs.
  • Vincent Jackson- Jackson has put up 3 bad games in a row. That turns around this week. The targets have been there for Jackson (25 over the past 3 weeks). This week he plays an Atlanta defense that has a hard time stopping anyone. Mike Glennon really like Jackson and will look his way a ton. Don't even think of benching Jackson. Start him with confidence. 
  • Torrey Smith- Smith has put up OK numbers lately. This week he plays a Bears defense that is 16th against WRs. Now it has been reported that Charles Tillman is out. I expect a good amount of yardage and a TD for Smith in this game.
  • Harry Douglas- With regis probably playing on Roddy White this week, I expect a decent game from Douglas. He has shown that he can be reliable. I'm gonna say Douglas grabs about 80-100 receiving yards. You could do a lot worse than Douglas.
  • AJ Green- This isn't a sit so much as a 'temper your expectations' type deal. Of course you probably can't sit Green. He has been very good this year. All I'm saying is that you should not expect the monster 15-20 point games we've gotten lately. Joe Haden will be on Green all day and Haden is the real deal. Start Green but keep your expectations in check.
  • Anquan Boldin- Early in the season Boldin looked like he was going to have an amazing season. Since then, he has shown us the exact opposite. This week he plays a very good New Orleans defense. I expect this to be a defensive battle and a low scoring game. If you have another option play them over Boldin.
  • Coby Fleener- Ever since Reggie Wayne went down with a torn ACL Fleener has been a viable option. He is averaging 7 points a game in the past 3 games. He is Andrew Lucks second option after TY Hilton. Indy plays Tennessee this week and it's a beatable matchup for TEs.
  • Jordan Reed- Reed has been amazing lately! Robery Griffin III is looking his way very often. He plays Phily this week and I don;t need to tell you that the Eagles are terrible on defense all the way around. Start Reed for sure.
  • Vernon Davis- With Davis hurt currently it is hard to rely on him. Add on the fact that they are playing, as stated before, a very good Saints defense, you have a recipe for disaster. I'd look for other options this week.
  • Tony Gonzalez- I feel so bad for Gonzalez this year. He puts off retirement 1 more year to try and win a Super Bowl just to have everything go wrong. With Gonzalez banged up right now and playing a Tampa Bay defense that has more confidence, I can't be comfortable playing him.
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  1. Sit AJ Green? You are crazy man.

    1. It's not necessarily a sit. If you read the entire section on Green it states to temper your expectations :)