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Player Profile: DeMarco Murray

Player Profile: DeMarco Murray
   This is the beginning of an ongoing segment I will be writing throughout the offseason about all kinds of players and what you should expect from those players going forward. At the end of each segment I will offer a projection of their statistics for the 2014 season. With these segments, I will try my hardest to make this offseason go by as fast as possible for you :) Enjoy!

DeMarco Murray

    Murray easily had his best year since being drafted in 2011. Murray finished 2013 with 217 carries, 1,124 yards rushing, and 9 TD's. What is even more staggering is that Murray had 53 receptions on top of those rushing numbers for 350 yards and 1 receiving TD. 3 out of the final 4 weeks of the Fantasy Football season Murray had 20 or more fantasy points (most leagues finish their season in week 16, so we will go with that). That's incredible! On top of all of this, Murray averaged an amazing 5.2 yards per carry. There seems to be lots to be excited about when thinking about drafting Murray in 2014.
    Now, lets get to the bad. The obvious rebuttal to anything great that is said about Murray is his history of injuries. Murray is 3 years into his NFL career and has never played a full NFL season. In 2013, Murray was forced to miss 2 games due to injury. Murray topped 20 carries in only 3 games. Also, 2013 was Murray's first season of posting more than 1,000 yards rushing.
     In conclusion, a lot of Fantasy Football experts are calling for Murray to be a mid to late first round draft pick for 2014. I cannot feel comfortable in drafting a player that has such a history of injuries with my first round draft pick. I would rather draft a player that has a healthier history and more upside such as Eddie Lacy or Zac Stacy. I like Murray a lot, just not as a first round pick. I'd feel more comfortable drafting Murray in the second or third round. If you plan on drafting Murray be prepared for him to miss a few games. Have a legit backup RB. As the old saying goes "You won't win your Fantasy Football league in the first round, but you can definitely lose it".

2014 Projection: 1,000 yards rushing, 250 yards receiving, 8 total TD's

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Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 Fantasy Football 2nd round mock draft

We touched on the first round of Fantasy Football drafts for 2014. This week we start to look towards the second round! Following our early run of RB's in the first round, we will begin to see more WR's and possibly other positions begin to be drafted. Remember, these are based on a 12-team standard league and will probably change a lot through the course of the next 6 months. Enjoy!

2nd Round

13. Josh Gordon- Gordon was a thing of beauty in 2013. Not only did he outperform nearly every WR, but he did it with 3 awful QB's throwing him the ball. I think we can all agree that Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer, and Jason Campbell are not very good QB's. If Cleveland drafts a young QB in the draft it would help Gordon's value. If Cleveland decides to go with Hoyer as their starter we saw that Gordon can contribute with him as well.

14. Zac Stacy- I called for Stacy to get the starting roll in St. Louis before preseason last year. It took 5 weeks for it to happen but it finally did. When it did we were rewarded with a workhorse RB. Head coach Jeff Fischer loves to run the ball. It was evident by how he used Stacy. You can count on Stacy to get around 20 touches a game. That is solid gold in fantasy football. He is a safe bet.

15. Giovani Bernard- This all depends on what the Cincinnati Bengals do with BenJarvis Green-Ellis in the offseason. If they let him walk in free agency then Bernard's value will go sky high since he will be the only RB with any talent on the Bengals' roster. Bernard has the talent. He just needs a few more touches to join that elite level.

16. AJ Green- AJ Green has surpassed 1,000 receiving yards in each season he has been in the NFL. He is one of the few WR's that will consistently produce for you. He is as safe a play as they come at WR.

17. Arian Foster- One can only hope that the half year off that Foster receiving due to his back injury will help keep him fresh. Foster has a lot of miles on his wheels and because of this a lot of owners will be timid to take him in their draft due to him wearing down. Let's give Foster the benefit of the doubt and remember the fact that he is an every down RB. He does it all. That has to carry some credibility, doesn't it?

18. Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers always seems to consistently perform. Last season, Rodgers suffered a fracture to his collarbone which caused him to miss week 9-16. With the weapons at his disposal, I think we can all count on a great comeback from Rodgers. He is still in the prime of his career.

19. Demaryius Thomas- Thomas was one of those safe WR's that had a ton of upside. The first half of 2013 was a little rough but the second half was fantastic. He has Peyton Manning throwing him the ball along with a great set of receivers to help take the defensive coverage off of him. Expect more great seasons from this young WR.

20. Julio Jones- Julio Jones was on a tear up until week 5 where he suffered an ankle injury. Assuming he will be 100% healthy by training camp, I see no reason that Jones can't perform like he was the first 5 weeks of 2013. He still has Roddy White to keep the opposing defenses honest and he still has Matt Ryan throwing to him. Expect a great year for Julio if he can stay healthy.

21. DeMarco Murray- Murray is one of those players that I am always worried about due to the injury history that comes with him. 2013 was his best year as a professional by far. He played in every game with the exception of two. He finished the season on a high note as he scored 20 or more points in 3 of his last 5 games. If you're willing to gamble a little, Murray is your man. He has a ton of talent but just be sure you plan for him to miss a few games a year. When he is healthy he is as good as they come.

22. Drew Brees- No QB has been as consistent as Drew Brees. Brees is a near lock for around 5,000 yards passing and around 40 TDs. Those are incredible numbers from a fantasy perspective. The high powered offense in New Orleans isn't going anywhere and Brees has a few grand years left in the tank. Draft Brees with confidence.

23. Dez Bryant- Many people drafted Dez Bryant with the thought that he was going to continue the 2013 season with how he finished the 2012 season. While Bryant did have a great year, it wasn't nearly as great as many thought it was going to be, and therefor was slightly disappointing. Bryant is in a great offense and has a good QB throwing him the ball in Tony Romo. Bryant is a WR1 in all formats.

24. Brandon Marshall- Brandon Marshall has 7 straight seasons of over 1,000 yards receiving. That's incredible. Since joining the Chicago Bears in 2011 he has scored no less than 11 TD's. With the emergence of Alshon Jeffery he may lose a few looks in the passing game but it will also lessen the double teams that Marshall has been receiving for years. He will be 30 in 2014 and still a lot to offer fantasy owners.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

2014 Fantasy Football 1st round mock draft

2014 Fantasy Football 1st round draft picks
In this segment, I'm gonna post my first round draft picks for a standard 12 team league. Of course these could easily switch around over the course of the next few months with the NFL draft in May and all, but it's still fun just to have a glance of what fantasy drafts might look like as of now :)

1. Jamaal Charles (RB1)- What can you say about Jamaal Charles that everyone doesn't already know?! He is this years Fantasy Football MVP. He posted 2,100 total yards this season. Not only did he get the carries but he recorded a ridiculous amount of receptions as well! He is by far, leaps and bounds, ahead of everyone else as the safest pick in the draft. He is a MONSTER!

2. LeSean McCoy (RB2)- There were a few question marks about McCoy coming into 2013 about his health, the new head coach in Chip Kelly, and a totally new offense. McCoy put everyone's doubts to rest from the opening week. He will be highly sought after in 2014.

3. Adrian Peterson (RB3)- Peterson will be 29 for the 2014 season and has a lot of tread on his tires. That doesn't really matter in my eyes. Peterson has defied the laws of science year after year. Emmitt Smith was very productive well into his 30's. There's no reason to believe that Peterson can't do the same. He has plenty of very productive years left in the tank. If Minnesota  drafts a young QB it may boost his value as well.

4. Matt Forte (RB4)- Matt Forte was one of the most productive and consistent RBs in 2013. With such a potent offense that features Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, there is no reason to believe he can't do it again next year. Teams will not be able to stack the box against Forte due to the presence of Marshall and Jeffery. He is as safe a pick as it gets.

5. Marshawn Lynch (RB5)- It's shocking that Lynch has been in the league for 7 years. He will still only be 28 years old in 2014. Being on a team that is run first like Seattle has it's benefits, especially from a fantasy perspective. He is a lock to get 300+ touches. Beast Mode, just like the RBs before him, is a very safe pick and will produce for your team.

6. Eddie Lacy (RB6)- This is the first interesting pick I threw into my first round. I loved what I saw from Eddie Lacy in year one. Not only did he get over 250 carries in his first year, one thing people don't realize is that he caught over 30 receptions as well! He is an every down RB. It doesn't hurt that he is THE goal-line back as well. Green Bay has found their workhorse back for years to come and the days of playing RB roulette are over. Look for more to come from Lacy in 2014.

7. Calvin Johnson (WR1)- You remember last year when Megatron put up all of those yards but only 5 TDs?! Well this year the TDs came with all the yardage as well. Johnson is in a tier of his own at WR and as long as he has Matthew Stafford throwing him the ball he will always be a stud. Detroit is always among the top 5 in passing attempts each year. That is music to Megatron owners' ears.

8. Jimmy Graham (TE1)- Some say that Jimmy Graham is the single greatest advantage that an owner can have on his team. They say this because Graham is like having an extra WR1 at your TE position. Those people are correct. He, like Calvin Johnson, is in a league of his own at the TE position. With Drew Brees throwing him the ball there are many great days ahead for Graham. Don't feel bad drafting a TE with your first round pick (as long as it's Graham, and Graham only).

9. Doug Martin (RB7)- Doug Martin broke so many fantasy owners' hearts this year. In week 7 Martin suffered a shoulder injury that forced Tampa Bay to put him on IR to end his season. I like Martin as a bounce back candidate in 2014. Not only will he have the opportunity and carries, but the offensive line for the Buccaneers is improving. Add in the fact that Mike Glennon has developed into a decent QB that opposing defenses will have to respect and you have to like what you see from Martin.

10. Alfred Morris (RB8)- Alf didn't have the season that most were hoping for after his incredible rookie campaign. I like Alfred Morris as a first round draft pick for one reason and one reason alone: he's a workhorse RB. Morris is a great downhill RB for Washington and is very reliable. The only drawback to his game is that he rarely catches any passes out of the backfield. He still is consistent and reliable.

11. Peyton Manning (QB1)- A lot of people expected Peyton to have a great season with the weapons at his disposal, but nobody expected THIS! At the time of this writing, Manning was on pace to break nearly every single season QB record. He is one of those players that can single-handedly get your fantasy team a win. He is getting up there win the age category but I still believe he has one really great season left in the tank.

12. Le'Veon Bell (RB9)- I decided to put Le'Veon Bell in the first round because of the same reason I gave for Alfred Morris: He's a workhorse RB. He missed the first 4 weeks of the season in 2013 and was still able to finish as a top 20 RB. He receives all of his teams carries and catches passes out of the backfield. Throw in the fact that he a goal-line back and it's solid gold from a fantasy standpoint. If he gets a full offseason of work along with a full preseason it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he finished higher than this.

People just missing the cut: Josh Gordon, AJ Green, Giovani Bernard, Arian Foster, & Aaron Rodgers.

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Week 16 Fantasy Football Rankings

Super Bowl Rankings
This is it. If you have made it this far and are playing for a Super Bowl, Congratulations! These will be my final weekly rankings of the season, as most leagues finish their season in week 16. I do hope most of you all will stop in during the offseason. I will be putting up player profiles and projections throughout the offseason. It should be a good read :) If you haven't looked already, I posted my 'Super early 2014 rankings' here: http://fantasyfootballwar.blogspot.com/2013/12/super-early-2014-rankings.html


  1. Peyton Manning @ Hou
  2. Nick Foles vs Chi
  3. Philip Rivers vs Oak
  4. Drew Brees @ Car
  5. Cam Newton vs NO
  6. Matthew Stafford vs NYG
  7. Colin Kaepernick vs Atl
  8. Tony Romo vs Wash
  9. Andy Dalton vs Min
  10. Jat Cutler @ Phi
  11. Russell Wilson vs Ari
  12. Aaron Rodgers vs Pit
  13. Tom Brady vs Bal
  14. Ben Roethlisberger @ GB
  15. Kirk Cousins vs Dal
Comments: Colin Kaepernick could be the winning ingredient this week as Michael Crabtree continues to get healthy and with a great matchup against a poor Falcons defense. Russell Wilson has a very tough matchup against a great Cardinals defense. Keep your expectations in check this week.

  1. LeSean McCoy vs Chi
  2. Jamaal Charles vs Ind
  3. Matt Forte @ Phi
  4. DeMarco Murray @ Wash
  5. Eddie Lacy vs Pit
  6. Knowshon Moreno @ Hou
  7. Zac Stacy vs TB
  8. Le'Veon Bell @ GB
  9. Alfred Morris vs Dal
  10. Marshawn Lynch vs Ari
  11. Ryan Mathews vs Oak
  12. Frank Gore vs Atl
  13. Reggie Bush vs NYG
  14. Rashad Jennings @ SD
  15. Adrien Peterson @ Cin
  16. Chris Johnson @ Jac
  17. Giovani Bernard vs Min
  18. Bobby Rainey @ StL
  19. Ben Tate vs Den
  20. Ray Rice vs NE
  21. Andre Brown @ Det
  22. Shane Vereen @ Bal
  23. Fred Jackson vs Mia
  24. CJ Spiller vs Mia
  25. Stevan Jackson @ SF
  26. Jordan Todman vs Ten
  27. Chris Ivory vs Cle
  28. DeAngelo Williams vs NO
  29. Danny Woodhead vs Oak
  30. Montee Ball @ Hou
Comments: Expect a tough game from Marshawn Lynch this week. He may grind out a decent game but the Arizona defense is legit. If Adrien Peterson plays (as of now we're not sure) he will move up the list. You're playing Russian roulette with any Patriots RB. Shane Vereen is your best bet but there is not guarantee that he produces with this backfield.

  1. Calvin Johnson vs NYG
  2. Josh Gordon @ NYJ
  3. AJ Green vs Min
  4. Brandon Marshall @ Phi
  5. Dez Bryant @ Wash
  6. Alshon Jeffery @ Phi
  7. Demaryius Thomas @ Hou
  8. Antonio Brown @ GB
  9. Andre Johnson vs Den
  10. Keenan Allen vs Oak
  11. Pierre Garcon vs Dal
  12. DeSean Jackson vs Chi
  13. Eric Decker @ Hou
  14. Vincent Jackson @ StL
  15. Julian Edelman @ Bal
  16. Jordy Nelson vs Pit
  17. Torrey Smith vs NE
  18. Mike Wallace @ Buf
  19. Marques Colston @ Car
  20. Kendall Wright @ Jac
  21. Michael Crabtree vs Atl
  22. Roddy White @ SF
  23. Brian Hartline @ Buf
  24. Danny Amendola @ Bal
  25. TY Hilton @ KC
  26. Anquan Boldin vs Atl
  27. Riley Cooper vs Chi
  28. Larry Fitzgerald @ Sea
  29. Dwayne Bowe vs Ind
  30. Wes Welker vs Hou
Comments: Kirk Cousins clicked great with Pierre Garcon last week. Look for more of that against a poor Dallas pass defense that let Matt Flynn throw all over them. Julian Edelman showed last week that he is the #1 WR in this offense when Rob Gronkowski is out. He is quietly approaching a 1,000 yard season. Look for him to continue to put up receptions.

  1. Jimmy Graham @ Car
  2. Julius Thomas @ Hou
  3. Vernon Davis vs Atl
  4. Jason Witten @ Was
  5. Jordan Cameron @ NYJ
  6. Greg Olsen vs NO
  7. Delanie Walker @ Jac
  8. Tony Gonzalez @ SF
  9. Dennis Pitta vs NE
  10. Charles Clay @ Buf
  11. Antonio Gates vs Oak
  12. Martellus Bennett @ Phi
  13. Heath Miller @ GB
  14. Coby Fleener @ KC
  15. Garrett Graham vs Den
Comments: Look for Delanie Walker to have a good game this week against Jacksonville. Walker has shown that when he is healthy he can contribute. Charles Clay has been a sneaky play this year and i expect a great game against a poor Buffalo defense.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Super Early 2014 Rankings

The 'Way too early' 2014 rankings (Updated April 29, 2014)
These rankings are going to sever as the super early rankings for drafts come 2014 draft time. Now, let me be clear. These will probably change a lot throughout the next 6 months. There is so much that is going to happen this offseason and a lot of these rankings are speculation on what will happen with certain players (Eric Decker, Ben Tate, Knowshon Moreno, etc.). Rookies will be exempt from this list for now until the draft comes to pass. I've always come to enjoy whenever a fantasy analyst makes these types of rankings just to look and see. Please feel free to point out any players you feel are too high or low. I hope you enjoy :)

  1. Peyton Manning- Losing Decker and Moreno may hurt his value just a tiny bit but make no mistake, Manning can win you a week all by himself.
  2. Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers is as good as they come.
  3. Drew Brees- Still has plenty left in the tank.
  4. Matthew Stafford- Tons of passing attempts every year.
  5. Matt Ryan- He'll be getting Julio and Roddy back healthy hopefully.
  6. Colin Kaepernick- Getting a healthy Crabtree back will help.
  7. Robert Griffin III- With the addition of Jackson, the sky is the limit for RGIII.
  8. Nick Foles- I may be reaching but I'm a believer.
  9. Andrew Luck- On and off year in 2013. Could be higher than this.
  10. Tom Brady- With questions regarding Gronkowski's health, can Brady still perform with the elite?
  11. Russell Wilson- With a healthy Harvin he could be gold.
  12. Cam Newton- The WRs in Carolina are really bad and the surgery has me worried.....
  13. Philip Rivers- Was the resurrection season a fluke? Keenan Allen helps his cause.
  14. Tony Romo- Has finished as a top 12 QB for 3 straight years.
  15. Jay Cutler- Chicago locked him up and if he stays healthy could be solid.
  16. Ben Roethlisberger- Showed a lot of chemistry with Antonio Brown.
  17. Andy Dalton- Very inconsistent but had his fair share of very good games. Always has AJ Green.
  18. Sam Bradford- Assuming he stays with St. Louis. Was on pace for over 4,000 yards passing before injury.
  19. Eli Manning- It can't get any worse than 2013 for Eli.
  20. Michael Vick- If he's starting for the NYJ in 2014 he will have value. Still has health concerns.
  1. Adrian Peterson- Stud, as always.
  2. LeSean McCoy- Chip Kelly's offense did wonders with McCoy.
  3. Jamaal Charles- Andy Reid's offense fit perfectly for Charles. Fantasy Football MVP.
  4. Matt Forte- The new offense fit Forte as well.
  5. Eddie Lacy- Love what I saw from Lacy in year 1.
  6. Marshawn Lynch- Hopefully he stays in Seattle this offseason. Had 400+ touches last season, which could hurt his value this season. 
  7. Zac Stacy- A lot of talent. He could go higher with a good draft from St. Louis.
  8. Arian Foster- He can still produce at a high level but the beginning of the end is upon us. Body is beginning to break down. Hopefully the half year off helped his body some.
  9. Giovani Bernard- BenJarvis Green-Ellis will see his role decrease as Bernard blossoms into a star.
  10. Montee Ball- With the release of Moreno, expect great things from Ball.
  11. DeMarco Murray- Even though he's injury prone, he still produced this year shockingly!
  12. Doug Martin- The opportunity will be there for him.
  13. Le'Veon Bell- Showed a lot of promise as a rookie. Will only get better.
  14. Alfred Morris- Nothing flashy but gets the opportunity. Lack of receptions keeps him out of the elite. New head coach wants to have more of committee, which doesn't bode well for Morris.
  15. Ryan Mathews- Very strong showing last season. Is it the real thing or a mirage? 
  16. CJ Spiller- Came on strong near the end of the season and Jackson is getting up there in age.
  17. Reggie Bush- Inconsistent but has the talent.
  18. Ray Rice- It can't get any worse than 2013 for Rice, can it?
  19. Ben Tate- Love that he signed with Cleveland. Undervalued O-Line. If he can stay healthy he could finish top 12.
  20. Andre Ellington- Has the talent but lacks the size (199 lbs.). Coaching staff has asked him to bulk up this off-season so that could be a sign that they want him to do more.
  21. Chris Johnson- Will be 29 next September. Still is the man in Tennessee.
  22. Rashad Jennings- He showed a lot of promise in 2013. He quietly put up over 1,000 all-purpose yards in 8 games. Now he gets his chance in NY.
  23. Frank Gore- The emergence of Marcus Lattimore will mean less touches for Gore. Plus he will be 31 at the beginning of next season.
  24. Toby Gerhart- I Love that he signed with Jax and now has a chance to start. He has a lot of sleeper appeal. 15-20 touches per game isn't out of the question.
  25. Knowshon Moreno- With his signing in Miami, he loses a ton of value. That O-line is really bad...
  26. Darren McFadden- The injuries will always be a confer. If only he could stay healthy...
  27. Chris Ivory- The touches were there the second half of the season. If he can stay healthy he could be a steal.
  28. Stevan Jackson- Getting up there in age and has a lot of tread on his tires...
  29. Trent Richardson- Hopefully an offseason of working with the team will help.
  30. Maurice Jones-Drew- Signing with Oakland kills his value...
  1. Calvin Johnson- Showed that he is in a league of his own, as always.
  2. AJ Green- Very consistent. Stud.
  3. Demaryius Thomas- With Peyton, Thomas has a lot to give owners.
  4. Josh Gordon- Really stepped up last season. Showed he can produce no matter who is throwing him the ball.
  5. Dez Bryant- Rough 2013 but will always be a top WR.
  6. Brandon Marshall- Still a stud but with the emergence of Jeffery he will lose a few looks.
  7. Julio Jones- Roddy is getting older and Julio will be healthy hopefully.
  8. Jordy Nelson- Before Rodgers got hurt Nelson was a top 5 WR...
  9. Antonio Brown- Showed he could be the go-to receiver for Roethlisberger.
  10. Alshon Jeffery- His second year was fantastic. Future superstar.
  11. Randall Cobb- Plays on an offense with Aaron Rodgers. Enough said.
  12. Michael Crabtree- He will be fully healthy in 2014 and will be in a contract year. Expect great things out of him.
  13. Keenan Allen- A future stud in the making. He could be much higher than this before the season gets here.
  14. Pierre Garcon- Will lose some targets but should still be effective.
  15. Wes Welker- Showed this season that he has instant chemistry with Peyton.
  16. Andre Johnson- Sooner or later he has to start to slow down...
  17. DeSean Jackson- Now that he's playing in Washington, Jackson has an opportunity to put up good numbers with Garcon helping with coverage.
  18. Victor Cruz- This offense has to get better, right?
  19. Vincent Jackson- The chemistry between Jackson and Glennon will get better but I do have doubts with Lovie Smith as the Head Coach now.
  20. Larry Fitzgerald- He is talented but the yardage isn't there anymore. Palmer was not the 'savior' we thought he was going to be.
  21. Cordarrelle Patterson- OC Norv Turner knows how to make the #1 WR on a team a fantasy stud. Just ask Vincent Jackson and Josh Gordon! A new QB will help the cause as well.
  22. Roddy White- Still has a few good years left in him.
  23. Percy Harvin- If he can stay healthy he could be a steal. Wilson has the arm to get it to him.
  24. Torrey Smith- Best year of his career. He could be the buy of the draft.
  25. Michael Floyd- In year two Floyd showed he has the talent. Future stud.
  26. Eric Decker- Signing with NYJ kills his value. Vick signing on will help stop the bleeding but don't get carried away...
  27. Julian Edelman- Now that he is staying in New England, I think he can post 100+ receptions again. Pats need him. Plain and simple.
  28. Kendall Wright- Depending on what happens wight he QB situation in Tennessee, he could be a steal.
  29. Reggie Wayne- It all depends on how his recovery is going from a torn ACL...
  30. Emmanuel Sanders- Now that he has Peyton throwing him the ball, the sky is the limit.
  1. Jimmy Graham- In a league by himself.
  2. Julius Thomas- As long as he has Peyton throwing him the ball he will be a stud.
  3. Vernon Davis- With Crabtree coming back Davis will see more one-on-one coverage.
  4. Rob Gronkowski- As of now, we are unsure when he will be ready after suffering a torn ACL late in the season. Huge question mark heading into next season.
  5. Jordan Cameron- Took a huge step forward last season. If it's Hoyer throwing him the ball or a rookie will help his value probably.
  6. Dennis Pitta- Even thought he missed most of the season, I loved what I saw from Pitta. the Ravens need him more than ever now.
  7. Jason Witten- Will always be involved in the Dallas offense.
  8. Delanie Walker- LOVE what I saw from him last year. Depending on who is throwing him the ball, he could be a catch.
  9. Greg Olsen- Very productive in this offense.
  10. Kyle Rudolph- Norv Turner, the new OC for Minnesota, does wonders with TE's! Is Rudolph next?
  11. Jordan Reed- Showed a lot of promise when healthy.
  12. Heath Miller- Nothing flashy but is decent.
  13. Owen Daniels- Depends on who is throwing him the ball.
  14. Martellus Bennett- You could do worse at TE. Has upside.
  15. Antonio Gates- Fell off late in the season. One has to wonder how many years he has left.

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    Wednesday, December 11, 2013

    Week 15 Playoff Rankings

    Position Rankings
    Some teams have already started their playoffs. Others begin their playoffs this week. If you're still around and made the playoffs then congratulations!!! It's Playoff Time!!!


    1. Peyton Manning vs SD
    2. Drew Brees vs StL
    3. Nick Foles @ Min
    4. Cam Newton vs NYJ
    5. Matthew Stafford vs Bal
    6. Philip Rivers @ Den
    7. Matt Ryan vs Wash
    8. Tony Romo vs GB
    9. Russell Wilson @ NYG
    10. Andrew Luck vs Hou
    11. Aaron Rodgers @ Dal
    12. Tom Brady @ Mia
    13. Robert Griffin III @ Atl
    14. Colin Kaepernick @ TB
    15. Ben Roethlisberger vs Cin
    Comments: Beware of Tom Brady this week. He plays a Miami defense that is pretty good against opposing QBs and is without his top weapon, Rob Gronkowski, for the rest of the season. The same goes for Robert Griffin III. Word is flying around that Kirk Cousins could be played this week in an attempt at the Redskins to shelf RGIII the rest of the season.

    1. Jamaal Charles @ Oak
    2. LeSean McCoy @ Min
    3. Matt Forte @ Cle
    4. Knowshon Moreno vs SD
    5. Eddie Lacy @ Dal
    6. Marshawn Lynch @ NYG
    7. DeMarco Murray vs GB
    8. Zac Stacy vs NO
    9. Alfred Morris @ Atl
    10. Shane Vereen @ Mia
    11. Andre Brown vs Sea
    12. Le'Veon Bell vs Cin
    13. Ben Tate @ Ind
    14. Steven Jackson vs Wash
    15. Maurice Jones-Drew vs Buf
    16. Frank Gore @ TB
    17. CJ Spiller @ Jac
    18. Ryan Mathews @ Den
    19. Bobby Rainey vs SF
    20. Giovani Bernard @ Pit
    21. Reggie Bush vs Bal
    22. Rashad Jennings vs KC
    23. Toby Gerhart vs Phi
    24. Chris Johnson vs Ari
    25. Fred Jackson @ Jac
    26. Pierre Thomas @ StL
    27. Ray Rice @ Det
    28. Rashard Mendenhall @ Ten
    29. Danny Woodhead @ Den
    30. Montee Bal vs SD
    Comments: A sneaky play this week could be Toby Gerhart, as he plays against a terrible Eagle run defense... only if he is cleared to play. Stay away from Reggie Bush this week a he is still recovering from a calf injury. Throw in the fact that he is playing the stingy Baltimore run defense and it has disaster written all over it.

    1. Josh Gordon vs Chi
    2. Calvin Johnson vs Bal
    3. Demaryius Thomas vs SD
    4. Alshon Jeffery @ Cle
    5. Dez Bryant vs GB
    6. AJ Green vs Pit
    7. Andre Johnson @ Ind
    8. Eric Decker vs SD
    9. DeSean Jackson @ Min
    10. Antonio Brown vs Cin
    11. Brandon Marshall @ Cle
    12. Keenan Allen @ Den
    13. Jordy Nelson @ Dal
    14. Roddy White vs Wash
    15. Torrey Smith @ Det
    16. Riley Cooper @ Min
    17. Pierre Garcon @ Atl
    18. Larry Fitzgerald @ Ten
    19. Vincent Jackson vs SF
    20. Marques Colston vs StL
    21. Julian Edelman @ Mia
    22. Cecil Shorts vs Buf
    23. Harry Douglas vs Wash
    24. Dwayne Bowe @ Oak
    25. Mike Wallace vs NE
    26. Steve Smith vs NYJ
    27. TY Hilton vs Hou
    28. Victor Cruz vs Sea
    29. Steve Johnson vs Jac
    30. Brian Hartline vs NE
    Comments: Alshon Jeffery is going to have another monster game this week. Shutdown cornerback Joe Haden will be playing on Brandon Marshall, which will open up even more opportunity for Jeffery. Lower your expectations for Marshall. I also like Keenan Allen to build upon his 2 TD performance last week as San Diego will have to pass a lot to keep up with Peyton Manning's elite weapons.

    1. Jimmy Graham @ StL
    2. Julius Thomas vs SD
    3. Vernon Davis @ TB
    4. Greg Olsen vs NYJ
    5. Jordan Cameron vs Chi
    6. Tony Gonzalez vs Wash
    7. Delanie Walker vs Ari
    8. Jason Witten vs GB
    9. Charles Clay vs NE
    10. Antonio Gates @ Den
    11. Dennis Pitta @ Det
    12. Garrett Graham @ Ind
    13. Coby Fleener vs Hou
    14. Jordan Reed @ Atl
    15. Heath Miller vs Cin
    Comments: Look for Delanie Walker to have an amazing game this week as he plays the worst defense against opposing TE's, and it isn't even close. Arizona is DEAD LAST against TE's. Dennis Pitta made his season debut with a bang as he recorded 6 receptions for 48 yards receiving and a TD to go along with 11 targets! This week he will play a soft Detroit pass defense. Look for him to contribute more as he continues to dust the rust off. 

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    Wednesday, December 4, 2013

    Fantasy Mailbag

    Q: Shane Vereen of NE vs Cle or CJ2K or Tenn vs Den?
    - Jimmie Martin via Facebook

    A: It's close but I prefer Chris Johnson vs Den. This game could, as always, end up in a shootout. that could mean a lot of dump off passes for Johnson. Also, I like Tennessee's chances of keeping Denver honest by running the ball with CJ2K to help keep Manning off the field. Roll with Johnson.

    Q: St. Louis or Oakland defense. St. Louis has been the better defense this season, but Oakland plays the Jets...
    - Michael Posey via Facebook

    A: Yes, the Rams defense has been better this season, but for this week I like Oakland better. Any team that is playing the NY Jets has a great chance of putting up a massive amount of points. Over the past 3 weeks each has scored at least 16 fantasy points against the Jets. Defense are averaging 12 fantasy points a game against NY. That's incredible when you think about it. In most of my leagues I have grabbed Oakland if able to. I'd roll with them this week.

    Q: Alex Smith of KC vs Was or Cam Newton of Car vs NO? and a defense that I could pick up off the waiver wire?
    - Jimmie Martin via Facebook

    A: even though Alex Smith has the easier matchup, Cam Newton is a stud and must be started here. Newton has been on fire lately and could continue that trend this week. As a rull of thumb, you always start your studs in Fantasy football, and Cam Newton is a stud. Start Newton with confidence. Next, the defense that I have been telling everybody to pick up and stream is the Oakland Raiders. As stated above, Oakland plays a terrible NY Jets team that is in disarray. If Geno Smith continues to perform badly will he be benched again? then the Oakland defense will be staring at playing against a backup QB. All defenses love to see that :)

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    Week 14 Position Rankings


    1. Peyton Manning vs Ten
    2. Matthew Stafford @ Phi
    3. Nick Foles vs Det
    4. Tom Brady vs Cle
    5. Drew Brees vs Car
    6. Cam Newton @ NO
    7. Josh McCown vs Dal
    8. Tony Romo @ Chi
    9. Philip Rivers vs NYG
    10. Matt Ryan @ GB
    11. Robert Griffin III vs KC
    12. Russell Wilson @ SF
    13. Joe Flacco vs Min
    14. Alex Smith @ Wash
    15. Andy Dalton vs Ind
    Comments: Nick Foles was declared the starter for the Eagles by head coach Chip Kelly for the next 1,000 years. That is not a typo. That is exactly what the coach said. kelly has confidence in foles, as he should have, and foles is producing at an amazing level. the Detroit pass defense is not good at all. Expect a good game from Foles. Even though Russell Wilson was amazing on Monday night against the Saints, i don't expect another crazy game this week against a much improved 49er's defense. temper your expectations a bit.

    1. Jamaal Charles @ Wash
    2. Matt Forte vs Dal
    3. Adrian Peterson @ Bal
    4. Eddie Lacy vs Atl
    5. DeMarco Murray @ Chi
    6. Knowshon Moreno vs Ten
    7. Marshawn Lynch @ SF
    8. Andre Brown @ SD
    9. LeSean McCoy vs Det
    10. Reggie Bush @ Phi
    11. Ben Tate @ Jac
    12. Le'Veon Bell vs Mia
    13. Chris Johnson @ Den
    14. Alfred Morris vs KC
    15. Maurice Jones-Drew vs Hou
    16. Shane Vereen vs Cle
    17. Ray Rice vs Min
    18. Bobby Rainey vs Buf
    19. Zac Stacy @ Ari
    20. Frank Gore vs Sea
    21. Steven Jackson @ GB
    22. CJ Spiller @ TB
    23. Gio Bernard vs Ind
    24. Lamar Miller @ Pit
    25. Donald Brown @ Cin
    26. Fred Jackson @ TB
    27. Rashad Jennings @ NYJ
    28. Chris Ivory vs Oak
    29. Rashard Mendenhall vs StL
    30. Danny Woodhead vs NYG
    Comments: Even though Bobby Rainey has had a very rough past 2 weeks, those 2 weeks were against very hard rushing defenses. This week he gets a soft Buffalo defense that should allow him to spread his legs. Even during those terrible performances over the past 2 weeks, the Buccaneers gave Rainey the ball at least 17 times. Andre Brown continues to get it done for fantasy owners. Since his return from injury, Brown has scored 8 points or more in ever game. He will continue that trend against a middle of the road chargers defense. Start Brown with confidence.

    1. Calvin Johnson @ Phi
    2. Brandon Marshall vs Dal
    3. AJ Green vs Ind
    4. Dez Bryany vs Chi
    5. Alshon Jeffery vs Dal
    6. Josh Gordon @ NE
    7. Andre Johnson @ Jac
    8. Vincent Jackson vs Buf
    9. DeSean Jackson vs Det
    10. Torrey Smith vs Min
    11. Demaryius Thomas vs Ten
    12. Antonio Brown vs Mia
    13. Larry Fitzgerald vs StL
    14. Pierre Garcon vs KC
    15. Keenan Allen vs NYG
    16. Victor Cruz @ SD
    17. Jordy Nelson vs Atl
    18. Eric Decker vs Ten
    19. Riley Cooper vs Det
    20. Roddy White @ GB
    21. Michael Floyd vs StL
    22. Wes Welker vs Ten
    23. Harry Douglas @ GB
    24. Kendall Wright @ Den
    25. Mike Wallace @ Pit
    26. Julian Edelman vs Cle
    27. TY Hilton @ Cin
    28. Cecil Shorts vs Hou
    29. Michael Crabtree vs Sea
    30. Dwayne Bowe @ Wash
    Comments: Roddy White looks to be getting his legs back underneath him after an injury filled season. This week he plays against a Packers defense that has been burned as of lately. Get him in your lineup. the same goes for Michael Floyd. While most opposing defenses are trying to stop Larry Fitzgerald, Floyd has been sneaking away with the fantasy points. He is creeping up on posting a 1,000 yard season. Keep him in your lineups!

    1. Rob Gronkowski vs Cle
    2. Jimmy Graham vs Car
    3. Jason Witten @ Chi
    4. Tony Gonzalez @ GB
    5. Vernon Davis vs Sea
    6. Julius Thomas vs Ten
    7. Greg Olsen @ NO
    8. Garrett Graham @ Jac
    9. Coby Fleener @ Cin
    10. Antonio Gates vs NYG
    11. Jordan Reed vs KC
    12. Delanie Walker @ Den
    13. Jordan Cameron @ NE
    14. Jared Cook @ Ari
    15. Heath Miller vs Mia
    Comments: Look for Jared Cook for a sneaky play this week. Cook plays an Arizona defense that is dead last against TE's, and it isn't even close. Also, Greg Olsen is a great play this week as the Panthers play an angry Saints team that was just embarressed against the Seahawks on Monday. Carolina will have to throw a good amount to keep up.

    **Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @CTonyRow. Send me your fantasy questions and they might be chosen for the Fantasy Mailbag section.