Thursday, November 14, 2013

Biggest Busts of the Year so far

Who is the biggest bust?!

Today we're going to take a moment to think back to all of out drafts. Upon doing this, we're going to point out this years biggest busts. Now when making this list we have to think about a couple things. First, all the hype about a player coming into the season. This plays a huge part in deciding who is and is not a bust. Second, their draft position. If a person was drafted very high you expect that person to perform at a high level. And without further adieu, we have our top 10 busts for the year!

10. Kenny Britt- Everyone thought this was going to be the year Kenny Britt finally stays healthy and produces an amazing season. Through his young career we have gotten to see glimpses of Britt's talent. And as soon as we get to see it, the injury bug snatches him up. This year, Britt has not produced a thing! He was a consensus top 35 drafted WR.Britt's high on fantasy scoring for the season is an atrocious 2 points! With talks of the team trading or releasing Britt after the season, it seems he may already have one foot out the door.

9. Larry Fitzgerald- There was so much hype about Fitz preseason! All the talk was on how Carson Palmer was going to swoop in and save Fitzgerald's value. WRONG! Not only have we realized Carson Palmer is not the savior we all thought he was, it turns out he really isn't that good at all! People on the staff for the Arizona Cardinals were calling for Fitzgerald to go back to his 1,400 receiving yard/10 TD days. Now it isn't all bad. Fitz has had his good weeks, but we were expecting a lot more from a guy that was a consensus top 10 drafted WR!

8. Lamar Miller- Hype. That seems to be the word that best describes Miller. With the loss of Reggie Bush this offseason, there was a lot of talk about Miller stepping in as an every down back. Again, Miller has shown us glimpses of what he can do, but once he shows us it seems the next week he goes right back to throwing up a terrible game. there in the middle of the season he was even losing carries to Daniel Thomas! Miller was drafted as a RB2 in most formats and has not lived up to those expectations at all.

7. Mike Wallace- Wallace decided to leave Pittsburgh, where he had great chemistry with Ben Roethlisberger, for the Miami Dolphins, whom have a young signal caller in Ryan Tannehill. Wallace was drafted as a consensus WR2 in most formats. There seemed to be a lot of promise that he could lead this team as a WR. Nothing has been further from the truth. Wallace has had 2 games of over 10 fantasy points this season! Only 2! for a man that was supposed to be a pretty good WR2 that is very dissapointing.

6. Dwayne Bowe- I drafted Bowe in nearly all of my leagues this year. My mindset was that new coach Andy Reed takes #1 Wrs on a team and makes them superstars. Well not this year it seems. Bowe has barely been involved in the passing game this year. When the Kansas City Chiefs signed Alex Smith this offseason everyone thought Bowes value was going to go sky high. Not so much. Bowe has 2 games of over 6 fantasy points this season. that's pretty bad considering he was drafted as a high end WR2 in almost all formats. Such a let down.

5. Colin Kaepernick- When Kaep took over for the injured Alex Smith last year and led his team to the Super Bowl a lot of us believed it was a glimpse of things to come. He posted an amazing 7 total TDs in the postseason last year to go along with over 250 rushing yards! We thought it was going to flow over into this season. Oh my how we were wrong. It seems the 49'ers don't wan't Kaepernick to very much at all! And we all know that that is where a lot of his value comes from. A lot of people were expecting great numbers for Kaep. Currently he is 17th at his position. that's pretty bad stuff coming from a guy who was drafted as the 7th QB off the board.

4. Marques Colston- Colston has been as consistent as they comes from season to season. He has been a top 15 WR nearly every year it seems. This year he is doing a great dissapearing act! As of this writing, Colston has only 2 games of 10 points or more. And what makes it worse is most of us can't even explain why! Colston was drafted as a consensus top 15 WR and is currently ranked #52 at his position.

3. Trent Richardson- Ah now we're getting to the top 3, or as i like to call them, the "podium players". Richardson showed a lot of promise last year as a rookie posting over 1,200 total yards and over 10 total TDs. that ranked him right around a top 10 RB in standard leagues. This year, Richardson has fallen completely off the fantasy radar. He has only 1 game of douoble-digit fantasy points! He was traded to the Indianapolis Colts mid-season but a lot fo us thought that was going to help his value! He has been on the Colts for many weeks now and his value continues to fall! I have heard many experts say Richardson is Droppable in most leagues! This is incredible when considering Richardson was drafted as a top 10 RB and in the first round in most drafts this year. We can only hope that this offseason he can work more with the team and pick up their offense.

2. Ray Rice- Rice was drafted as a top 10 RB and taken in the first round in most drafts. He was viewed as one of the safest picks in the first round! We were so wrong. Rice did injure his hip early in the season but has stated many times that he hasn't lost a step because of it. Rice has had only 2 games of over 6 fantasy points this season. That's hard to swollow if you drafted Rice with your first round draft pick. there will be a lot questions about Rice going forward this offseason.

1. CJ Spiller- Oh CJ you broke my heart! I spent all offseason watching videos of Spiller and having my jaw drop plenty at his agility and speed. With the comments from the coaching staff saying the were going to run Spiller "until he pukes", everyone was jumping on the CJ Spiller bandwagon. Injuries have played a factor this season, but when he has been healthy it has been very bad fo Spiller. Spiller was drafted as a top 5 draft pick and only has 3 games of 8 or more fantasy points to show for it. That's very hard to swollow considering I took Spiller with my high draft pick in a few drafts :)

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