Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Buy Low Players
This section will serve as players that people should be trying to buy low on. These players may actually help you make the playoffs and do well in the playoffs!

  • Nick Foles- Foles has been on fire lately! Foles has scored more than 18 points in every game he has started and completed (I play 6 pts per passing TD). For those that worry about Michael Vick coming back and taking his job, I wouldn't worry too much about that. Vick will always be an injury risk and I think Chip Kelly has finally figured that out. Throw in the fact that the Eagles are winning with Foles and one has to wonder, how can Kelly even think of replacing Foles?! I like Foles' pocket presence along with the fact that he is using all of his weapons (D. Jackson, Cooper, McCoy). Make no mistake about it, Foles has the weapons to succeed.
  • Matt Ryan- No, this is not a typo. For all the flack that Ryan gets lately, there are good days ahead. Ryan finishes out the season with some pretty good matchups, such as TB, Buffalo, GB, and Washington. Throw in the fact that Roddy White is getting more and more healthy and that should boost Ryan's value a little. I'm not saying he will throw up top 5 numbers but he could quite possibly throw up top 10 numbers with those matchups. Plus, he could be very cheap to buy.
  • Tom Brady- This may be your last chance to buy low on Brady. He has all of his weapons back and seems to be playing like the old Tom Brady that we have all come to know and love. He finishes the season against Denver, Houston, Cleveland, and Miami. There is nothing scary with any of those matchups. Buy now before it's too late!

  • Stevan Ridley- A lot of people will shy away from ridley due to the return of Shane Vereen. Vereen's specialty is as a pass-catching RB. Ridley never has been one to catch passes. So that won't hurt his value at all. Sure, Vereen may take a few carries away from Ridley, but when it comes to goal-line work, there is no question as to who gets the carries. Ridley will be a very viable RB2 going forward.
  • Andre Bown- Most look to Brown's injury history and run for the hills, but as of right now, Brown has a fresh set of legs. going forward, Brown is the only viable RB the NY Giants have on their roster. In his first week back in week 10, Brown recorded 30 carries! So much for the Giants easing Brown into the load. This tells me that the coaching staff is comfortable in throwing Brown right into the thick of things. He plays Dallas, Washington, and Detroit 3 of the last 5 weeks of the season, along with a struggling Seattle defense that just lost Brandon Browner.
  • Chris Johnson- Johnson struggled last week, recording 12 carries for 30 yards on the ground. It was a dissapointing showing. Better games await! Johnson plays Oakland, Indy, Denver, and Jacksonville coming up and those defense shouldn't scare anyone. the owner in your league may be willing to sell low in CJ2K due to his horrible game against Jacksonville. this is a chance for you to jump in and puchase and run laughing!
  • Jordy Nelson- This player is for an owner that might be sitting on a record of 7-3 or 8-2 and can afford to bear through the hard times Nelson is facing with not having Aaron Rodgers currently. With Rodgers at the help Nelson was a top 5 WR. Without him he has dropped tremendously. when Rodgers comes back (which may be right before the fantasy playoffs start) nelson will go right back to playing as a top 5 WR. I'm sure the Nelson owner in your league is willing to sell a little low on a player that isn't necessarily producing much right now. Make no mistake about it, when Rodgers comes back jordy will help your team a ton!
  • Vincent Jackson- In the past 3 weeks Jackson has scored 7, 1, and 2 points. Not the most flattering of point totals. But looking ahead, Jackson has a few very good matchups that away. Also, it's important to rememeber that Jackson is second in the league in targets! So the looks are there and the matchups will be there soon as well. I'm buying V Jax as a top 15 WR the rest of the way.
  • Roddy White- Oh Roddy, how you have broken so many hearts this year. But we don't blame you! We all know it's due to the injury. White is getting healthier. That is a positive. As he gets healhier he will have a more prominant role in the Atlanta offense without Julio Jones. Plain and simple, as White gets healthier, he will produce more. As stated above with Matt Ryan, Roddy has favorable matchups going forward, and more importantly, he will be very cheap!
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