Saturday, June 28, 2014

2014 Position Rankings!!!

2014 Fantasy Football Position Rankings (Updated August 7, 2014)
The 2014 NFL season is upon us! Now that Summer has officially begun, it is time for me get back into writing for you fine people! So much has happened since my last post. We saw a lot of players gain value due to scenery changes (Toby Gerhart, Ben Tate, etc.) and we saw some players possibly lose some value as well (Chris Johnson, DeSean Jackson, etc.). This is my first official rankings for the 2014 fantasy football season. As training camps open up later in July these rankings may change. There are still many stories to be unravelled as the season gets closer. A wise man once said "Sit down.... stay a while.... and let the good times roll!" Enjoy :)


  1. Peyton Manning- Peyton's gonna be Peyton.
  2. Aaron Rodgers- Now that there is a ground game, look for Rodgers to post amazing numbers.
  3. Drew Brees- Regularly puts up 5,000+ passing yards. No worries here.
  4. Matthew Stafford- Having Calvin and now Golden Tate will help his cause.
  5. Matt Ryan- Throwing to Julio Jones and Roddy White is as good as it comes.
  6. Colin Kaepernick- SF added Stevie Johnson and gets Crabtree back to full health. Kaep should have a solid season with all those weapons he has now.
  7. Robert Griffin III- Another year removed from the torn ACL and he now gets a field stretcher in DJax. Expect great things from RGIII.
  8. Andrew Luck- Gets Wayne back and adds Nicks as well.... Solid.
  9. Tony Romo- Never gets any love. New OC Scott Linehan will do wonders with this offense.
  10. Tom Brady- If Gronk is healthy at the beginning of the season and can stay healthy, the sky is the limit.
  11. Nick Foles- Losing DeSean Jackson hurts his value some. He will regress from his ridiculous 27 TD/ 2 Int from last season.
  12. Philip Rivers- Has a stud at WR in Keenan Allen and a great HC in Mike McCoy.
  13. Cam Newton- I think I could start at WR for the Panthers.... Seriously.... it's that bad...
  14. Russell Wilson- Run first offense scares me but he is a quality QB. Gets Harvin back 100% as well.
  15. Jay Cutler- Throws to arguably the best WR duo in football.... if only he could stay healthy for a full 16 games....
  16. Ben Roethlisberger
  17. Ryan Tannehill
  18. Andy Dalton
  19. Alex Smith
  20. Eli Manning
  1. Adrian Peterson- Getting Norv Turner will do wonders for AP. Still has a couple great years in the tank.
  2. LeSean McCoy- Stud fo sho.
  3. Jamaal Charles- The only reason he isn't #1 is because of the offseason moves on his O-Line. He will still be a stud. No worries.
  4. Matt Forte- Perfect skill set for this offense.
  5. Eddie Lacy- As safe as they come this year at the scarce RB position.
  6. Montee Ball- With Moreno gone, Ball gets the backfield to himself in Denver. Great things shall follow.
  7. Le'Veon Bell- Had a great rookie year and HC Mike Tomlin loves him. Expect a lot of volume this year.
  8. DeMarco Murray- Even if he misses 2 games again this year, I like him to post amazing numbers. Expect his receptions to go up with OC Scott Linehan calling the plays.
  9. Giovani Bernard- Bernard will begin to emerge as a star this year.
  10. Alfred Morris- Lacks in the receptions but gets a healthy workload and that adds to his value.
  11. Arian Foster- Getting the year off (basically) will have him rested and ready for 2014. 
  12. Marshawn Lynch- My gut tells me the workload over the past 3 years will catch up to Lynch this year. Expect regression. The holdout doesn't help either...
  13. Zac Stacy- An improved O-Line and a lot of volume makes Stacy a solid RB.
  14. Doug Martin- The new coaching staff in TB scares me off Martin some...
  15. Ryan Mathews- As long as he stays healthy he will produce in this offense.
  16. CJ Spiller- Healthy is the only thing keeping him from being a top 5 RB.
  17. Andre Ellington- All signs this offseason point to Ellington having a much larger workload this season. Has a ton of talent.
  18. Toby Gerhart- Finally out of Peterson's shadow, look for Gerhart to come close to 300 total touches.
  19. Bishop Sankey- The talented Rookie gets his chance to shine with this star studded O-Line.
  20. Frank Gore- Has one more good year in the tank.
  21. Rashad Jennings- Posted over 1,000 total yards last season in only 8 games.... could be a steal if he stays healthy.
  22. Reggie Bush- Word has it that his workload will decrease as he and Bell split carries.
  23. Joique Bell- He's talented, but as long as Bush is in his way, he will never hit his potential. 
  24. Shane Vereen- Sneaky value as the pass catching RB in NE.
  25. Stevan Ridley- As long as he doesn't fumble the job away.....
  26. Ben Tate- If he stays healthy he could finish much higher than this. 
  27. Trent Richardson- Indy still believes he can be a 3 down back. Now let's see him do more than just run into his own offensive linemen. 
  28. Chris Johnson- The move to the NYJ could be beneficial but I still think Chris Ivory cuts into his touches.
  29. Ray Rice- It sounds like a suspension is looming from offseason troubles....
  30. Pierre Thomas- Sneaky play in this high profile passing attack. PPR stud.
  1. Calvin Johnson- Megatron is in a league of his own.
  2. Demaryius Thomas- As long as Manning is throwing him the ball he will be a stud (and maybe even when Peyton is gone).
  3. Dez Bryant- Has the skill to hang with Megatron and with new OC Scott Linehan, Bryant could post a career year.
  4. AJ Green- As consistent as they come.
  5. Brandon Marshall- Jay Cutler loves this guy. Nothing to worry about here.
  6. Julio Jones- His chronic foot problems is all that stands in the way of him being a top 3 WR.
  7. Jordy Nelson- With Rodgers at QB, Jordy will produce.
  8. Antonio Brown- Showed last year that he can carry the workload.
  9. Randall Cobb- This is the year Cobb puts it all together.
  10. Alshon Jeffery- I'm worried that most of his production came while McCown was QB...
  11. Pierre Garcon- I think the signing of Jackson will give him more quality looks now.
  12. Keenan Allen- He's working on his speed this offseason. He has a lot of upside.
  13. Michael Crabtree- Numbers don't lie. Kaepernick loves to throw to him.
  14. Vincent Jackson- Now that Mike Evans is in town, VJax should have more quality looks as well. He's a little too inconsistent though.
  15. Andre Johnson- the yardage will always be there. It's the TD numbers that worry me.
  16. Victor Cruz- A bounce back year will be in order with Cruz.
  17. Roddy White- Another bounce back candidate that will benefit from having Julio Jones back healthy.
  18. Larry Fitzgerald- The passing of the torch is coming....
  19. Michael Floyd- I'm expecting big things from Floyd as he builds from his first 1,000 yard season.
  20. Cordarelle Patterson- With Norv Turner as his new OC, look for big things to come. Turner has already stated that he created plays just for Patterson this offseason.
  21. Wes Welker- With Decker gone, look for Welker to help pick up the slack.
  22. Julian Edelman- Tom Brady's #1 target will only get better. 
  23. Percy Harvin- Health will always be an issue but he is just so talented....
  24. DeSean Jackson- Not much to his game...
  25. Jeremy Maclin- Takes over the #1 Wr roll in a Chip Kelly offense, solid gold.
  26. Torrey Smith- Adding Steve Smith will help with the double teams for Torrey.
  27. Kendall Wright- He gets the receptions. Now lets work on the TDs.
  28. Emmanuel Sanders- With Decker gone, look for Sanders to contribute a lot in this offense.
  29. Golden Tate- Goes from one of the most run heavy offenses to one of the most pass happy offenses... oh and did I mention he has Calvin Johnson on the other side of the field?
  30. Marques Colston- He still has something left in the tank.
  1. Jimmy Graham- The best in the business. Period.
  2. Julius Thomas- Expect his yards and TD's to go up this year with Decker gone.
  3. Rob Gronkowski- If he's healthy by week 1, he could a steal. Health is the only concern.
  4. Jordan Cameron- With Gordon likely to be suspended, look for the Browns to lean heavily on Cameron.
  5. Greg Olsen- With how bad the WR corps are in Carolina, I expect Olsen to have a career year as the go-to receiving option for Cam Newton.
  6. Vernon Davis- with all the additions at receiver this offseason and the potential contract situation, I see a few reasons to tread with caution on Davis.
  7. Jason Witten- Hopefully new OC Scott Linehan can get Witten a couple more TD's.
  8. Kyle Rudolph- The TE Guru, Norv Turner, is Rudolph's new OC. A career year is in order.
  9. Dennis Pitta- Flacco loves Pitta. New OC Gary Kubiak also loves throwing to the TE.
  10. Jordan Reed- If he can stay healthy he could finish higher than this, easily.
  11. Zach Ertz- With DeSean Jackson gone, Ertz will receive more targets in this high speed offense.
  12. Martellus Bennett- This offense keeps getting better and better.
  13. Charles Clay- Seized the opportunity when Dustin Keller went down last year. 
  14. Delanie Walker
  15. Heath Miller- The forgotten TE. A year removed from a major injury. Bounce back year.
  16. Eric Ebron
  17. Antonio Gates
  18. Ladarius Green
  19. Garrett Graham
  20. Tyler Eifert

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