Friday, November 15, 2013

Fantasy Mailbag

Fantasy Mailbag
These are questions that have been sent to me through Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to send me any question(s) you may have on Twitter @CTonyRow. Enjoy :)

Q: Cam Newton vs your Pats or Alex Smith vs Denver this week? I need help.
- Jimmie Martin via Facebook
A: In case people didn't know, I'm a die hard New England Patriots fan. Hence the "your Pats" comment made by Jimmie here. Having said that, I'd have to go Newton in this case. Alex Smith has been very up and down this season and there have been more downs than ups. With the conservative play the Chiefs employ, I would keep Smith on the bench. On the other hand, Newton is playing a Patriots defense that is without Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo. Those are 2 key pieces to their defense. I expect a good game of rushing for Newton to make a decent fantasy day. I'd go Newton over Smith easily.

Q: Is MJD a top 15 RB for the rest of the year now? How does the suspension of Blackmon affect him?
- Jonah Donze via Facebook
A: On my Rest of Season (ROS) rankings I made a few days ago I had MJD at 18th. He has been playing well lately as a pass-catching RB but I can't put him in the top 15. He has some tough defense coming up soon with Arizona, Houston (twice), and Tennessee. The suspension of Blackmon will actually have a negative impact on MJD's value going forward. Now, opposing defenses can stack the box instead of respecting the pass in Jacksonville. Cecil Shorts is a good WR but there is so much he can do having Henne throw him the ball. I'm seeing more 8 and 9 men in the box to stop MJD going forward.

Q: What's your feeling on Charles Clay (TE) for the rest of the season?
- Michael Posey via Facebook
A: Clay started the season off on a very high note and because of that he is still a top 12 TE in most rankings right now. He has had a very rough past 4 games and I believe I know why. Due to the recent offensive line woes, Clay has been asked to block more than usual to help protect Ryan Tannehill. This is hindering his fantasy value in a negative way by a lot. Because of this, I'm not seeing much out of Clay the rest of season. If he was on my team I'd probably keep him on my bench or look towards other options in Free Agency. I'd put him in the 18-21 range for TE's in a Rest of Season (ROS) rankings. He just isn't doing much with his opportunities. That team on offense is in a lot of trouble and I'd stay away from almost all of their players.

Q: Is the Nick Foles-Riley Cooper connection the real deal or a fluke? Also who would come out ahead in a Marshawn Lynch, DeSean Jackson for AJ Green, Eddie Lacy trade?
- Will Bolin via Facebook
A: Great questions. As for the first, I am a firm believer that the Foles-Cooper connection is for real and here to stay. Cooper is showing us that Jackson isn't the only deep threat the Eagles have at their disposal. I don't anticipate the gawky numbers he has put up lately to continue but 10+ points a game isn't unreasonable. If you look at my Rest of Season Rankings (ROS) I posted a few days ago, I have Cooper as a top 25 WR the rest of the way, and I feel I was being conservative on that. He could easily be top 20 ROS. As for the trade you asked about, I like the side that is getting Lynch and Jackson. Lynch is easily a top 3 RB the rest of the way and Jackson will continue to perform. Green is a top 3 WR but Lacy isn't up to Lynch's caliber. Lynch is on a run first team. That's solid gold for Lynch owners. I wonder what Lacey's value will be once Rodgers returns. I'm sure he will still be productive but not quite as much as we're seeing now. It's a close deal but I like the Lynch/D. Jackson side of the deal. 

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