Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fantasy Mailbag

Fantasy Mailbag
These are questions that have been sent to me through Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to send me any question(s) you may have on Twitter @CTonyRow. Enjoy :)

Q: Is Bobby Raineys 34 point game legit or an anomoly? Obviously he won't score that every week but can he be trusted as a RB2?
- Will Bolin via Facebook
A: In all honesty I'm going to go with a fluke. Rainey has a lot of talent but if you loko at his schedule to finish the season he has a few defenses that are good against the run. This week he gets Detroit in what I feel will be a shootout. Next week get gets Carolina, who is the best team against the run in fantasy. After that it's Buffalo who, believe it or not, is ranked 6th against opposing RBs in fantasy football! He is worth a roster spot but I think he is a flex option at best and I would look elswhere for you starting RBs.

Q: Reed or Gates at TE this week?
- Jimmie Martin via Facebook
A: Both Reed and Gates are on my hate list for this week. You can view that here: If I had to choose one of the other, it would probably be Reed. This ins only if he is cleared to play due to the concussion he sustained last week. It's close between the two since they both have very tough matchups but I'd go Reed. If Coby Fleener is a Free Agent in your league I'd pick him up and start him over both Reed and Gates this week.

Q: Panthers d vs. Miami or 49er's vs. Washington?
- Jimmie Martin via Facebook
A: I like the Panters defense here by a lot. Washington can put up points and that will hinder the Redskins defense. Carolina is the #2 ranked defense coming into this week and is playing a very poor Miami offense. Miami will be in trouble all night and I see a few turnovers for Miami in this game. the Carolina defense is legit.

Q: What really is the best format for a true reckoning of a fantasy football manager's prowess? Head to head seems more luck than skill.
- Michael Posey via Facebook
A: If you are referring to the rotisserie scoring style, I'd stay away from it. Rotisserie is where you take your overall stats and compare them to other teams in the league and that is how scoring is done. There is no 'head to head'. It's just not as fun! head to head you have a face to your opponent and matchups make more of a difference. this all takes skill as well. If you are really trying to mix things up in your league, I would start an auction draft next year. Action leagues are incredible. They allow all the players to be up for grabs for anyone. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend. Usually in an auction league you start with $200 at the draft and spend that money to field a 15 or 16 player team. you can purchase any player you want as long as you can outbid the other owners in your league. Also, you have to budget wisely, because that $200 will go fast! It's a lot fo fun and adds a whole new dynamic to the draft :)

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