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Super Early 2014 Rankings

The 'Way too early' 2014 rankings (Updated April 29, 2014)
These rankings are going to sever as the super early rankings for drafts come 2014 draft time. Now, let me be clear. These will probably change a lot throughout the next 6 months. There is so much that is going to happen this offseason and a lot of these rankings are speculation on what will happen with certain players (Eric Decker, Ben Tate, Knowshon Moreno, etc.). Rookies will be exempt from this list for now until the draft comes to pass. I've always come to enjoy whenever a fantasy analyst makes these types of rankings just to look and see. Please feel free to point out any players you feel are too high or low. I hope you enjoy :)

  1. Peyton Manning- Losing Decker and Moreno may hurt his value just a tiny bit but make no mistake, Manning can win you a week all by himself.
  2. Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers is as good as they come.
  3. Drew Brees- Still has plenty left in the tank.
  4. Matthew Stafford- Tons of passing attempts every year.
  5. Matt Ryan- He'll be getting Julio and Roddy back healthy hopefully.
  6. Colin Kaepernick- Getting a healthy Crabtree back will help.
  7. Robert Griffin III- With the addition of Jackson, the sky is the limit for RGIII.
  8. Nick Foles- I may be reaching but I'm a believer.
  9. Andrew Luck- On and off year in 2013. Could be higher than this.
  10. Tom Brady- With questions regarding Gronkowski's health, can Brady still perform with the elite?
  11. Russell Wilson- With a healthy Harvin he could be gold.
  12. Cam Newton- The WRs in Carolina are really bad and the surgery has me worried.....
  13. Philip Rivers- Was the resurrection season a fluke? Keenan Allen helps his cause.
  14. Tony Romo- Has finished as a top 12 QB for 3 straight years.
  15. Jay Cutler- Chicago locked him up and if he stays healthy could be solid.
  16. Ben Roethlisberger- Showed a lot of chemistry with Antonio Brown.
  17. Andy Dalton- Very inconsistent but had his fair share of very good games. Always has AJ Green.
  18. Sam Bradford- Assuming he stays with St. Louis. Was on pace for over 4,000 yards passing before injury.
  19. Eli Manning- It can't get any worse than 2013 for Eli.
  20. Michael Vick- If he's starting for the NYJ in 2014 he will have value. Still has health concerns.
  1. Adrian Peterson- Stud, as always.
  2. LeSean McCoy- Chip Kelly's offense did wonders with McCoy.
  3. Jamaal Charles- Andy Reid's offense fit perfectly for Charles. Fantasy Football MVP.
  4. Matt Forte- The new offense fit Forte as well.
  5. Eddie Lacy- Love what I saw from Lacy in year 1.
  6. Marshawn Lynch- Hopefully he stays in Seattle this offseason. Had 400+ touches last season, which could hurt his value this season. 
  7. Zac Stacy- A lot of talent. He could go higher with a good draft from St. Louis.
  8. Arian Foster- He can still produce at a high level but the beginning of the end is upon us. Body is beginning to break down. Hopefully the half year off helped his body some.
  9. Giovani Bernard- BenJarvis Green-Ellis will see his role decrease as Bernard blossoms into a star.
  10. Montee Ball- With the release of Moreno, expect great things from Ball.
  11. DeMarco Murray- Even though he's injury prone, he still produced this year shockingly!
  12. Doug Martin- The opportunity will be there for him.
  13. Le'Veon Bell- Showed a lot of promise as a rookie. Will only get better.
  14. Alfred Morris- Nothing flashy but gets the opportunity. Lack of receptions keeps him out of the elite. New head coach wants to have more of committee, which doesn't bode well for Morris.
  15. Ryan Mathews- Very strong showing last season. Is it the real thing or a mirage? 
  16. CJ Spiller- Came on strong near the end of the season and Jackson is getting up there in age.
  17. Reggie Bush- Inconsistent but has the talent.
  18. Ray Rice- It can't get any worse than 2013 for Rice, can it?
  19. Ben Tate- Love that he signed with Cleveland. Undervalued O-Line. If he can stay healthy he could finish top 12.
  20. Andre Ellington- Has the talent but lacks the size (199 lbs.). Coaching staff has asked him to bulk up this off-season so that could be a sign that they want him to do more.
  21. Chris Johnson- Will be 29 next September. Still is the man in Tennessee.
  22. Rashad Jennings- He showed a lot of promise in 2013. He quietly put up over 1,000 all-purpose yards in 8 games. Now he gets his chance in NY.
  23. Frank Gore- The emergence of Marcus Lattimore will mean less touches for Gore. Plus he will be 31 at the beginning of next season.
  24. Toby Gerhart- I Love that he signed with Jax and now has a chance to start. He has a lot of sleeper appeal. 15-20 touches per game isn't out of the question.
  25. Knowshon Moreno- With his signing in Miami, he loses a ton of value. That O-line is really bad...
  26. Darren McFadden- The injuries will always be a confer. If only he could stay healthy...
  27. Chris Ivory- The touches were there the second half of the season. If he can stay healthy he could be a steal.
  28. Stevan Jackson- Getting up there in age and has a lot of tread on his tires...
  29. Trent Richardson- Hopefully an offseason of working with the team will help.
  30. Maurice Jones-Drew- Signing with Oakland kills his value...
  1. Calvin Johnson- Showed that he is in a league of his own, as always.
  2. AJ Green- Very consistent. Stud.
  3. Demaryius Thomas- With Peyton, Thomas has a lot to give owners.
  4. Josh Gordon- Really stepped up last season. Showed he can produce no matter who is throwing him the ball.
  5. Dez Bryant- Rough 2013 but will always be a top WR.
  6. Brandon Marshall- Still a stud but with the emergence of Jeffery he will lose a few looks.
  7. Julio Jones- Roddy is getting older and Julio will be healthy hopefully.
  8. Jordy Nelson- Before Rodgers got hurt Nelson was a top 5 WR...
  9. Antonio Brown- Showed he could be the go-to receiver for Roethlisberger.
  10. Alshon Jeffery- His second year was fantastic. Future superstar.
  11. Randall Cobb- Plays on an offense with Aaron Rodgers. Enough said.
  12. Michael Crabtree- He will be fully healthy in 2014 and will be in a contract year. Expect great things out of him.
  13. Keenan Allen- A future stud in the making. He could be much higher than this before the season gets here.
  14. Pierre Garcon- Will lose some targets but should still be effective.
  15. Wes Welker- Showed this season that he has instant chemistry with Peyton.
  16. Andre Johnson- Sooner or later he has to start to slow down...
  17. DeSean Jackson- Now that he's playing in Washington, Jackson has an opportunity to put up good numbers with Garcon helping with coverage.
  18. Victor Cruz- This offense has to get better, right?
  19. Vincent Jackson- The chemistry between Jackson and Glennon will get better but I do have doubts with Lovie Smith as the Head Coach now.
  20. Larry Fitzgerald- He is talented but the yardage isn't there anymore. Palmer was not the 'savior' we thought he was going to be.
  21. Cordarrelle Patterson- OC Norv Turner knows how to make the #1 WR on a team a fantasy stud. Just ask Vincent Jackson and Josh Gordon! A new QB will help the cause as well.
  22. Roddy White- Still has a few good years left in him.
  23. Percy Harvin- If he can stay healthy he could be a steal. Wilson has the arm to get it to him.
  24. Torrey Smith- Best year of his career. He could be the buy of the draft.
  25. Michael Floyd- In year two Floyd showed he has the talent. Future stud.
  26. Eric Decker- Signing with NYJ kills his value. Vick signing on will help stop the bleeding but don't get carried away...
  27. Julian Edelman- Now that he is staying in New England, I think he can post 100+ receptions again. Pats need him. Plain and simple.
  28. Kendall Wright- Depending on what happens wight he QB situation in Tennessee, he could be a steal.
  29. Reggie Wayne- It all depends on how his recovery is going from a torn ACL...
  30. Emmanuel Sanders- Now that he has Peyton throwing him the ball, the sky is the limit.
  1. Jimmy Graham- In a league by himself.
  2. Julius Thomas- As long as he has Peyton throwing him the ball he will be a stud.
  3. Vernon Davis- With Crabtree coming back Davis will see more one-on-one coverage.
  4. Rob Gronkowski- As of now, we are unsure when he will be ready after suffering a torn ACL late in the season. Huge question mark heading into next season.
  5. Jordan Cameron- Took a huge step forward last season. If it's Hoyer throwing him the ball or a rookie will help his value probably.
  6. Dennis Pitta- Even thought he missed most of the season, I loved what I saw from Pitta. the Ravens need him more than ever now.
  7. Jason Witten- Will always be involved in the Dallas offense.
  8. Delanie Walker- LOVE what I saw from him last year. Depending on who is throwing him the ball, he could be a catch.
  9. Greg Olsen- Very productive in this offense.
  10. Kyle Rudolph- Norv Turner, the new OC for Minnesota, does wonders with TE's! Is Rudolph next?
  11. Jordan Reed- Showed a lot of promise when healthy.
  12. Heath Miller- Nothing flashy but is decent.
  13. Owen Daniels- Depends on who is throwing him the ball.
  14. Martellus Bennett- You could do worse at TE. Has upside.
  15. Antonio Gates- Fell off late in the season. One has to wonder how many years he has left.

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