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2014 Fantasy Football 1st round mock draft

2014 Fantasy Football 1st round draft picks
In this segment, I'm gonna post my first round draft picks for a standard 12 team league. Of course these could easily switch around over the course of the next few months with the NFL draft in May and all, but it's still fun just to have a glance of what fantasy drafts might look like as of now :)

1. Jamaal Charles (RB1)- What can you say about Jamaal Charles that everyone doesn't already know?! He is this years Fantasy Football MVP. He posted 2,100 total yards this season. Not only did he get the carries but he recorded a ridiculous amount of receptions as well! He is by far, leaps and bounds, ahead of everyone else as the safest pick in the draft. He is a MONSTER!

2. LeSean McCoy (RB2)- There were a few question marks about McCoy coming into 2013 about his health, the new head coach in Chip Kelly, and a totally new offense. McCoy put everyone's doubts to rest from the opening week. He will be highly sought after in 2014.

3. Adrian Peterson (RB3)- Peterson will be 29 for the 2014 season and has a lot of tread on his tires. That doesn't really matter in my eyes. Peterson has defied the laws of science year after year. Emmitt Smith was very productive well into his 30's. There's no reason to believe that Peterson can't do the same. He has plenty of very productive years left in the tank. If Minnesota  drafts a young QB it may boost his value as well.

4. Matt Forte (RB4)- Matt Forte was one of the most productive and consistent RBs in 2013. With such a potent offense that features Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, there is no reason to believe he can't do it again next year. Teams will not be able to stack the box against Forte due to the presence of Marshall and Jeffery. He is as safe a pick as it gets.

5. Marshawn Lynch (RB5)- It's shocking that Lynch has been in the league for 7 years. He will still only be 28 years old in 2014. Being on a team that is run first like Seattle has it's benefits, especially from a fantasy perspective. He is a lock to get 300+ touches. Beast Mode, just like the RBs before him, is a very safe pick and will produce for your team.

6. Eddie Lacy (RB6)- This is the first interesting pick I threw into my first round. I loved what I saw from Eddie Lacy in year one. Not only did he get over 250 carries in his first year, one thing people don't realize is that he caught over 30 receptions as well! He is an every down RB. It doesn't hurt that he is THE goal-line back as well. Green Bay has found their workhorse back for years to come and the days of playing RB roulette are over. Look for more to come from Lacy in 2014.

7. Calvin Johnson (WR1)- You remember last year when Megatron put up all of those yards but only 5 TDs?! Well this year the TDs came with all the yardage as well. Johnson is in a tier of his own at WR and as long as he has Matthew Stafford throwing him the ball he will always be a stud. Detroit is always among the top 5 in passing attempts each year. That is music to Megatron owners' ears.

8. Jimmy Graham (TE1)- Some say that Jimmy Graham is the single greatest advantage that an owner can have on his team. They say this because Graham is like having an extra WR1 at your TE position. Those people are correct. He, like Calvin Johnson, is in a league of his own at the TE position. With Drew Brees throwing him the ball there are many great days ahead for Graham. Don't feel bad drafting a TE with your first round pick (as long as it's Graham, and Graham only).

9. Doug Martin (RB7)- Doug Martin broke so many fantasy owners' hearts this year. In week 7 Martin suffered a shoulder injury that forced Tampa Bay to put him on IR to end his season. I like Martin as a bounce back candidate in 2014. Not only will he have the opportunity and carries, but the offensive line for the Buccaneers is improving. Add in the fact that Mike Glennon has developed into a decent QB that opposing defenses will have to respect and you have to like what you see from Martin.

10. Alfred Morris (RB8)- Alf didn't have the season that most were hoping for after his incredible rookie campaign. I like Alfred Morris as a first round draft pick for one reason and one reason alone: he's a workhorse RB. Morris is a great downhill RB for Washington and is very reliable. The only drawback to his game is that he rarely catches any passes out of the backfield. He still is consistent and reliable.

11. Peyton Manning (QB1)- A lot of people expected Peyton to have a great season with the weapons at his disposal, but nobody expected THIS! At the time of this writing, Manning was on pace to break nearly every single season QB record. He is one of those players that can single-handedly get your fantasy team a win. He is getting up there win the age category but I still believe he has one really great season left in the tank.

12. Le'Veon Bell (RB9)- I decided to put Le'Veon Bell in the first round because of the same reason I gave for Alfred Morris: He's a workhorse RB. He missed the first 4 weeks of the season in 2013 and was still able to finish as a top 20 RB. He receives all of his teams carries and catches passes out of the backfield. Throw in the fact that he a goal-line back and it's solid gold from a fantasy standpoint. If he gets a full offseason of work along with a full preseason it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he finished higher than this.

People just missing the cut: Josh Gordon, AJ Green, Giovani Bernard, Arian Foster, & Aaron Rodgers.

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